1880 Federal Census Index

ED 195, page 4 (289D), enumerated by C H Kimball on 21, 22, 23 June 1880.
Transcribed and formatted by Gina Heffernan.

1 Row
2 Dwelling
3 Family
4 Name
5 Color
6 Sex
7 Age
8 Relationship
9 Marital Status
10 Occupation
11 Birth
12 Father
13 Mother
14 Month of Birth
11010Gilleland, Francis GWM37HeadWd Stock growerKentuckyKyKy
21010Reid, Levi CWM26NephewSHerding cattleMissouriKentuckyKy
31010Rose, Fredrick ?WM21BoarderSHerding cattleTennesseeVirginiaTenn
41111Babcock, GeorgeWM49HeadMStock growerNew YorkNew YorkNew York
51111Babcock, Mary AnnWF30WifeMKeeping houseIllinoisN CarolinaTenn
61111Babcock, George JrWM12SonSHerding cattleColoradoNYIll
71111Babcock, FranklinWM10SonSHerding cattleColoradoNYIll
81111Babcock, Ellen IdaWF7DaughterSAt homeColoradoNYIll
91111Babcock, WilliamWM4SonSAt homeCaliforniaNYIll
101111Babcock, Mary AdaWF2DaughterSAt homeTexasNYIll
111111Babcock, AliceWF2/12DaughterSAt homeTexasNYIllApril
121212Armstrong, AlexanderWM29HeadSHerding cattleScotlandScotlandScotland

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