Crimes & Punishment

The Convict Record Ledgers and indexes and Conduct Registers are available online from Ancestry and Texas in the database “Texas, Convict and Conduct Registers, 1875-1945“. Free access to Texas is available to Texas residents. If you are not a Texas resident and do not have a subscription to Ancestry, ask your local library if they have access to Ancestry Library Edition.

Although the title of the collection indicates the records cease in 1945, this database includes Convict Record Ledgers up to 1954 and index-level information up to 1970.

View RecordNameBirth YearBirth PlaceRecord DateConvict Number
View RecordSantiago Balodes1909Mexico16 Mar 192960942
View RecordNeal Crawford1903Texas3 Apr 1946106138
View RecordJack Bridges1900Texas9 Dec 192045387
View RecordGlen Yocom1915Arkansas7 Dec 193993181
View RecordL H Wilkerson1875Texas19 Sep 190525715
View RecordCecil Smith1911Texas6 Apr 193475910
View RecordTaylor Stanton1889Texas1 Jul 193064108
View RecordS E Sims1884Texas23 May 192349449
View RecordChester Sheets1901Oklahoma17 Nov 192757861
View RecordJ B Short1906Texas29 Nov 192860255
View RecordWill Rice1877Kentucky12 Oct 189918331
View RecordVennie Purcell1900Texas29 Jul 192655182
View RecordHarvey Peugh1924New Mexico22 Jun 1950117001
View RecordGeorge Pickett1870Texas20 Nov 192248467
View RecordAlbert Phillips1914Texas18 Jun 193888790
View RecordR W Moore1889Texas29 Nov 192860257
View RecordHarry Tracy Moore1915Oklahoma12 Feb 193578453
View RecordE F McCormick1902Texas1 May 192859044
View RecordHugh Lusk1901Texas25 Jan 193784233
View RecordHalleck Ballew1894Kentucky8 Jan 191334240
View RecordJohn Koger1871Tennessee21 Dec 192860393
View RecordH J Jackson1900Texas1 May 192859045
View RecordA C Hunsucker1885Arkansas1 Jul 193270711
View RecordIda Hemsucker1887Oklahoma15 Aug 193374198
View RecordN B Herrington1897Texas19 Feb 193681686
View RecordJ C Hahn1895Oklahoma14 May 194197146
View RecordClarence Givens1915Texas12 Feb 193578445

U.S., Court of Criminal Appeal Indexes, 1892-1947

Did your Texas outlaw get sprung on appeal?

View RecordNameYear rangeCounty
View RecordD E Crossett1919-1947Briscoe
View RecordLewis Craig1892-1909Briscoe
View RecordJack Bridges1919-1947Briscoe
View RecordJ W Tapley1919-1947Briscoe
View RecordBob Roberts1919-1947Briscoe
View RecordVennie Purcell1919-1947Briscoe
View RecordClifford C Moses1919-1947Briscoe
View RecordDoyle Meeks1919-1947Briscoe
View RecordGuy McCulley1919-1947Briscoe
View RecordHugh Lusk1919-1947Briscoe
View RecordHallock Ballew1892-1909Briscoe
View RecordJohn Kogar1919-1947Briscoe
View RecordR B Herrington1919-1947Briscoe
View RecordJoe Hammond1919-1947Briscoe