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March 13, 2006
Submitted by: Paul Hardcastle, Lake Jackson, TX

My grandad was John William Hardcastle who til 1945, lived and operated funeral homes in Turkey and Silverton, TX.  His father, Thomas Bertram Hardcastle, lived in ya’lls area, and it is he and his father, Edward Bertram Hardcastle, who came from Illinois to maybe the Dallas area in the early-mid 1800’s that I am trying to find some information. My father, Billy Ray Hardcastle, was born in Turkey.

I remember grandad telling about getting his hair cut by Bob Wills around here. As a very young kid, I visited Turkey with my Grandad, when a “stranger” walked up to me and gave me a rubber band gun along with a large bag of rubber bands. I wish to this day I could have told him how great I thought that gun was.

Would be delighted if there were some information available on the Hardcastle family.  My dad has a tale of chasing a kid with a knife in a movie house because he kept calling him pinky (red hair) and riding his small horse into some shops there and also of popping “baby giants” firecrackers under the table of the old-timers at some gas station in Turkey.  The locals were probably happy to see our group move to Meridian about 1945 (John William Hardcastle) – my dad was in Jr. High School at that time.

April 29, 2006
Submitted by: Linda Looper

I am researching Charles E. Jacobs who lived in Briscoe County circa 1890-1900. A son was born in Silverton in 1892, Alva Earl Jacobs.