World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942

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View RecordNameBirth DateBirth PlaceResidence Place
View RecordWarren Cope18 Jan 1892 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohn Freeland Cowsar30 Sep 1883 Silverton, TX
View RecordTruett Gaddis Craft1 Jul 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordDouglas Edgar Craig22 Apr 1887 Quitaque, TX
View RecordThomas Jasper Crass29 Jan 1877 Silverton, TX
View RecordEddie Alford Cox19 Sep 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordAllison Bailey Childress26 Feb 1895 Silverton, TX
View RecordComer Cobb6 Dec 1894 Quitaque, TX
View RecordThomas Ervin Cobb28 Jan 1892 Silverton, TX
View RecordAndy Houston Chappell6 Mar 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordWilliam Vaughn Chandler9 Mar 1879 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Waco Clary12 Jul 1877 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWalter Okley Cobb12 Nov 1887 Quitaque, TX
View RecordHenry Hoover Clay11 Aug 1895 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Morgan Cline16 Feb 1881 Silverton, TX
View RecordLouis Chatman13 Dec 1884 Quitaque, TX
View RecordDave Ernest Chesshir27 Aug 1888 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohn Chafin27 Oct 1892 Quitaque, TX
View RecordBen Lewis Chandler22 Dec 1890 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWoodson Coffee Junior29 May 1895 Silverton, TX
View RecordCharlie Melton Chappell11 Nov 1886 Silverton, TX
View RecordLavatus Norman Chitty12 Aug 1884 Silverton, TX
View RecordHarl Kendred Carpenter8 May 1884 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Jessie Carter14 Sep 1879 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Wiley Cain6 Jan 1883 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Row Castleberry12 Oct 1894 Quitaque, TX
View RecordHenry Claude Cantrell8 Jun 1882 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Ray Butler15 Jan 1880 Quitaque, TX
View RecordUlyses Dalton Brown7 Oct 1889 Silverton, TX
View RecordJessie Bryant Brooks12 Oct 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordSweeney Lane Brooks7 Jul 1886 Silverton, TX
View RecordDaniel Edwin Brown9 Jul 1877 Silverton, TX
View RecordHenry Roy Brown19 Mar 1889 Silverton, TX
View RecordSam Pool Brown23 Jan 1882 Silverton, TX
View RecordMarvin Gibson Brotherton4 Oct 1888 Quitaque, TX
View RecordEarl Edward Bullock1 Jul 1892 Silverton, TX
View RecordOrville Taylor Bundy19 Nov 1881 Silverton, TX
View RecordEllis Erby Burgess2 Apr 1884 Quitaque, TX
View RecordRobert Emmett Brookshier14 Mar 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordWiley Bullin8 Mar 1888 Quitaque, TX
View RecordTom Isaac Bonds9 Sep 1891 Silverton, TX
View RecordWilliam Franklin Brittain28 Feb 1881 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWylie Virgil Bomar24 Feb 1896 Silverton, TX
View RecordMarvin Ralph Boyles23 Mar 1896 Quitaque, TX
View RecordEctor Jones Bomer28 Jan 1888 Silverton, TX
View RecordMarshall A Boyce16 Sep 1891 Silverton, TX
View RecordThomas Everett Boyles3 Nov 1890 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJames Carlton Bomar28 Jun 1884 Silverton, TX
View RecordScott Lochard Bolton22 Apr 1892 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJames Tillman Bradley10 Aug 1886 Quitaque, TX
View RecordHoward Alexander Bomar11 Aug 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordJesse Walter Brannon29 Jun 1893 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohnnie Floyd Wood1 Dec 1893 Silverton, TX
View RecordJoseph Albert Ziegler11 Mar 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordColumbus Witcher9 May 1891 Silverton, TX
View RecordWilliam Chapple Yocom23 Jul 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohn Thomas Young3 Jul 1883 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJames M Wise8 Jul 1880 Quitaque, TX
View RecordClyde Davis Wright19 Jan 1879 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohn Friley Wise3 Oct 1878 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWillie Wright18 Mar 1893 Quitaque, TX
View RecordErnest Eugene Woods29 Nov 1888 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWesley Raymond Wixom29 May 1895 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWillie Clark Womack6 Dec 1878 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJoe C Woodruff4 Oct 1889 Quitaque, TX
View RecordSeborn Thomas Wynn28 Sep 1886 Silverton, TX
View RecordFrank Williams Wise27 Sep 1883 Quitaque, TX
View RecordDaner Hampton Yancy9 Nov 1878 Silverton, TX
View RecordLunsford Cornelius Yates15 Jun 1881 Silverton, TX
View RecordDulie Wilkins8 Oct 1888 Quitaque, TX
View RecordBen Franklin White1 Feb 1887 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJim C Whiteley29 Oct 1895 Silverton, TX
View RecordWilliam Orlandow Williamson31 Aug 1885 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn M Wilson4 Apr 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordCarl Victor Wimberly8 Mar 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordWalter Grady Wimberly8 Oct 1893 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohn Henry Williams7 Jan 1895 Quitaque, TX
View RecordOtis Wilson28 Jul 1879 Quitaque, TX
View RecordTommie Williams2 Jan 1884 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Edwin Wheelock17 Dec 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordWillie Washington Watters24 Oct 1893 Silverton, TX
View RecordEugene Tobice Watkins9 Feb 1887 Quitaque, TX
View RecordCoke Oliver Watson16 Sep 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordMerida Lee Welch26 Mar 1893 Silverton, TX
View RecordWalter Malichi Watters22 Dec 1888 Silverton, TX
View RecordJay J Vardell7 Jul 1882 Silverton, TX
View RecordEdward Vaughan28 Nov 1880 Silverton, TX
View RecordCharles Theepless Wallace16 Jan 1893 Silverton, TX
View RecordSimuel Vaughan28 Nov 1877 Silverton, TX
View RecordLewis Reader Wakefield4 Feb 1895 Quitaque, TX
View RecordElmer Walter Tibbetts26 Jul 1891 Quitaque, TX
View RecordErnest Turner13 May 1894 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Marvin Tracy30 Jul 1893 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn C Calhoun Turner3 May 1884 Silverton, TX
View RecordJames Floyd Tiffin18 Jul 1890 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJesse Allen True12 Jan 1893 Quitaque, TX
View RecordCharley Thomas Tyler21 Apr 1893 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJames Lynn Tunnell18 Feb 1881 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Roll Tyler2 Dec 1885 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJames Carl Tyler24 Dec 1890 Quitaque, TX
View RecordTroy Lee Tiffin6 Apr 1893 Quitaque, TX
View RecordDock Thomas20 Mar 1880 Quitaque, TX
View RecordGrover Henry Thomas12 Sep 1887 Quitaque, TX
View RecordEdd Randolph Thomas7 Oct 1888 Silverton, TX
View RecordMartin Kibler Summers25 Jul 1880 Silverton, TX
View RecordHenry Arteman Stephens1 Feb 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordClarence Stroud23 Jan 1887 Quitaque, TX
View RecordRoy Hugh Stodghill Senior12 Jan 1895 Silverton, TX
View RecordRobert Elisha Stephens29 Jul 1890 Silverton, TX
View RecordAlbert Green Stevenson15 Oct 1878 Silverton, TX
View RecordOrlin Ray Stark20 Mar 1894 Quitaque, TX
View RecordGeorge Lee Smith22 Sep 1889 Silverton, TX
View RecordJoe Hendrix Smith24 Oct 1883 Silverton, TX
View RecordEdgar Smith9 Aug 1886 Quitaque, TX
View RecordMilton Edgar Smith14 Aug 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordWilliam Albert Smith27 Dec 1879 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJerome Walker Squyres9 Jul 1888 Silverton, TX
View RecordTomma Martin Smith4 Feb 1885 Silverton, TX
View RecordWilliam Crittendon Smithee17 Nov 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohn D Blankenship15 Nov 1892 Quitaque, TX
View RecordSidney Thomas Bogan25 Jul 1894 Quitaque, TX
View RecordHarold Escoe Berry16 Jan 1897 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Robert Bickerstaff9 May 1888 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWalter Franklin Birch6 May 1881 Quitaque, TX
View RecordVirgile Skinner9 Jul 1890 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Earl Simpson16 Jul 1890 Silverton, TX
View RecordEmmet Oscar Shelton19 Nov 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordIra Franklin Shaffer Senior7 Aug 1893 Silverton, TX
View RecordWiley Raymond Scott3 Oct 1889 Quitaque, TX
View RecordHenry Bunyan Settle27 Jan 1886 Quitaque, TX
View RecordElmer Sanders26 Sep 1892 Silverton, TX
View RecordWilliam Asa Rowell3 Aug 1884 Silverton, TX
View RecordFrancis Marion Sachse1 Aug 1877 Quitaque, TX
View RecordClifford Thornton Rucker5 Nov 1890 Quitaque, TX
View RecordPerrin Postel Rumph15 Sep 1896 Quitaque, TX
View RecordHomer Shelton Sanders13 Aug 1889 Silverton, TX
View RecordOliver Savage4 Feb 1889 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohn Long Sanders29 Dec 1888 Silverton, TX
View RecordCharlie Rowell1 Jul 1891 Silverton, TX
View RecordJames Carlton Rhoderick20 Aug 1896 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Layfaett Robinson16 Apr 1881 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Clyde Robinson15 Jan 1889 Silverton, TX
View RecordElbert Grady Rice28 Mar 1891 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Truman Rogers14 Jan 1893 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJoe Benjamin Rogers4 Aug 1879 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohn Lorn Reagan27 Mar 1883 Quitaque, TX
View RecordEmory Alvin Puckett10 Sep 1885 Quitaque, TX
View RecordGuy Redman3 Feb 1896 Quitaque, TX
View RecordGrover Cleveland Randell15 Jul 1892 Quitaque, TX
View RecordAlvin Lee Redin2 Sep 1896 Silverton, TX
View RecordIsom Frances Reed31 Aug 1893 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Earnest Reagan4 May 1890 Quitaque, TX
View RecordThomas Jefferson Reeves16 Apr 1889 Quitaque, TX
View RecordA L Redin  Silverton, TX
View RecordHoward Parker Rampley21 Apr 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordGeorge Harrison Pigg14 Apr 1894 Quitaque, TX
View RecordCharles Bernice Poe11 Nov 1890 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Milton Perry27 Nov 1884 Silverton, TX
View RecordJames Thomas Phelps27 May 1886 Quitaque, TX
View RecordFrank Leonard Perkins Senior23 Jun 1882 Silverton, TX
View RecordAddis Lee Patterson23 Aug 1881 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJames Kelly Patrick12 Dec 1893 Quitaque, TX
View RecordRay B Persons16 May 1895 Quitaque, TX
View RecordCecil Payne13 Dec 1882 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Moses Peugh10 Feb 1881 Silverton, TX
View RecordJames B Norris18 Apr 1891 Silverton, TX
View RecordDalton Tulley Northcutt17 Feb 1896 Silverton, TX
View RecordMart Wilson Norris7 Nov 1896 Silverton, TX
View RecordCharles William Norrid29 Jun 1885 Silverton, TX
View RecordMilburn Jackson O’Neal15 Mar 1881 Silverton, TX
View RecordEddie Monroe Norris30 Nov 1896 Quitaque, TX
View RecordFrancis Marion O’Brien9 Jun 1879 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Thomas Neese8 Mar 1878 Silverton, TX
View RecordGeorge Jefferson Netherlin2 Dec 1885 Silverton, TX
View RecordIsaac Edgar Morrison10 Oct 1890 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Alfred Montague21 Jun 1885 Silverton, TX
View RecordHarce Virgil Morgan25 Sep 1895 Quitaque, TX
View RecordGeorge Bartlett Moore5 Jul 1881 Quitaque, TX
View RecordGeorge Clark Morris27 Oct 1887 Quitaque, TX
View RecordVernon Ernest Mosley1 Oct 1892 Quitaque, TX
View RecordHenry Alford Morris5 Dec 1885 Silverton, TX
View RecordNathan Levi Bedwell30 Mar 1883 Quitaque, TX
View RecordArthur C Barrett16 May 1895 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Solomon Barrow21 Sep 1884 Silverton, TX
View RecordIra Bean5 Jan 1897 Silverton, TX
View RecordEphraim Manchester Bass6 Mar 1882 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWillie Lee Messimer11 Nov 1891 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJames Irving Merrell8 Sep 1889 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWarren Wade Merrell3 Jan 1894 Quitaque, TX
View RecordEdward Dawson McMurtry21 Mar 1882 Silverton, TX
View RecordBill Miller13 Mar 1892 Silverton, TX
View RecordAlbert Leroy McMurtry27 Sep 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordHenry Clay Mercer24 Apr 1880 Silverton, TX
View RecordSidney Oliver McFall16 Jul 1891 Quitaque, TX
View RecordCharles McEwin19 Nov 1882 Silverton, TX
View RecordWright Byrd May11 Aug 1893 Silverton, TX
View RecordLuther Aden McJimsey8 Oct 1896 Silverton, TX
View RecordFrank Anderson Mayes25 Sep 1888 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWillie Albert McJimsey11 Apr 1891 Silverton, TX
View RecordThomas Calvin McCutchen31 Aug 1885 Quitaque, TX
View RecordCross McDaniel17 Nov 1888 Silverton, TX
View RecordWill W McGavock4 Feb 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordEarl Malone29 May 1895 Silverton, TX
View RecordVan Mason6 Nov 1890 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJames Charlie Maples5 Jan 1885 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Walter Martin9 Sep 1890 Silverton, TX
View RecordBen Stanley Martin2 Mar 1884 Silverton, TX
View RecordSamuel Aubrey London18 Dec 1878 Silverton, TX
View RecordJoseph William Lyon7 Jan 1888 Quitaque, TX
View RecordElmer David Livingston2 Sep 1889 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohn Regin Lusk18 Mar 1886 Quitaque, TX
View RecordHenry Otto Logan5 Jan 1894 Quitaque, TX
View RecordEugene Richard Long25 Jan 1890 Silverton, TX
View RecordMarvin Ezra Loving13 Oct 1889 Quitaque, TX
View RecordCharlie Lucero17 Mar 1885 Quitaque, TX
View RecordRoy Hollabaugh Leslie27 Oct 1894 Quitaque, TX
View RecordGeorge Ephraim Lay16 Aug 1890 Quitaque, TX
View RecordEdward Phernoy Lewis27 Oct 1893 Quitaque, TX
View RecordErnest Webster Leuty5 May 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordFred Lemons28 Aug 1890 Silverton, TX
View RecordSamuel Carl Kitchens30 Mar 1887 Quitaque, TX
View RecordBryan Ransom Kimbell20 Apr 1896 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Max King19 Aug 1883 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Irvin Kirkpatrick25 Jan 1881 Quitaque, TX
View RecordClaude Sylvester Keeter16 Mar 1892 Quitaque, TX
View RecordSterling Henry Kimbell24 Feb 1880 Quitaque, TX
View RecordBenjaman Otis King14 Aug 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordGeorge McKinley Jones21 Jan 1897 Silverton, TX
View RecordJoe Wesley Jones3 Jul 1883 Quitaque, TX
View RecordRobert Lee Johnson2 Apr 1881 Silverton, TX
View RecordWillie Johnson27 Feb 1894 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJack Hulsey27 Dec 1893 Quitaque, TX
View RecordSam Walker Hunt8 Feb 1896 Silverton, TX
View RecordWilliam Bovee Hughes23 Oct 1880 Silverton, TX
View RecordRobert Clyde Hutsell13 Jul 1896 Silverton, TX
View RecordJoseph May Jacobs13 Jun 1888 Quitaque, TX
View RecordOscar Eugene Hutcheson29 Jun 1881 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Henry Jackson10 Apr 1881 Silverton, TX
View RecordClarence Milford Jasper8 Apr 1889 Silverton, TX
View RecordPutnam Darden Jasper1 Apr 1881 Silverton, TX
View RecordThomas Jefferson Hodges1 Feb 1878 Silverton, TX
View RecordWilliam Alfred Holt1 Aug 1896 Silverton, TX
View RecordRobert Dellis Hooks6 Sep 1895 Quitaque, TX
View RecordNorman Roy Honea2 Feb 1889 Silverton, TX
View RecordHenry Porter Howard5 Jul 1881 Silverton, TX
View RecordJames Albert Hobbs6 Oct 1883 Quitaque, TX
View RecordTauey Davis Hollis31 Mar 1887 Quitaque, TX
View RecordFrank Howlett12 May 1892 Silverton, TX
View RecordNoley Hugh Hollis22 Jun 1891 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Etheridge Arnold27 Sep 1884 Silverton, TX
View RecordClaude Ray Badgett27 Jan 1881 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Shaw Bailey13 Aug 1888 Quitaque, TX
View RecordHenry Jackson Bailey13 Jan 1892 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Bain26 Apr 1892 Silverton, TX
View RecordWilliam Elias Helms25 Apr 1894 Quitaque, TX
View RecordAmos Henry16 Jun 1881 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Buel Hill15 Oct 1895 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohn Tee Haynes18 Jun 1883 Silverton, TX
View RecordHenry Heckman28 May 1885 Silverton, TX
View RecordWilliam Benton Hester3 Jun 1893 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJoe Shelby Haynes30 Nov 1885 Silverton, TX
View RecordFrederick F Hefner4 Jul 1877 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam John Heim15 Dec 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordBennie T Hawkins24 Oct 1890 Quitaque, TX
View RecordHenry Winfield Hamilton6 Nov 1887 Quitaque, TX
View RecordGrover Samuel Harris9 Sep 1892 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohn Wesley Harvey23 Jan 1891 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Pierce Hawkins21 Aug 1880 Quitaque, TX
View RecordByron Kerr Hamilton18 Jul 1896 Quitaque, TX
View RecordBenjamine Paul Harrison22 May 1888 Silverton, TX
View RecordRocky Mountain Haverty4 Jul 1882 Silverton, TX
View RecordElbert Hawkins17 Nov 1883 Quitaque, TX
View RecordVictor Thomas Hall13 Aug 1889 Quitaque, TX
View RecordFinis Edward Grundy7 Jul 1892 Quitaque, TX
View RecordGeorge Courts Gulledge15 Sep 1884 Quitaque, TX
View RecordLewis Blain Green27 Jul 1886 Silverton, TX
View RecordJames Colombus Hahn4 Jan 1895 Quitaque, TX
View RecordIsaac Grover Grundy3 Feb 1888 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Fulton Gregg20 Dec 1889 Silverton, TX
View RecordCarl Arthur Grewe3 May 1883 Silverton, TX
View RecordWillie Tarver Haley17 Oct 1883 Silverton, TX
View RecordHenry Thomas Gill3 Jun 1878 Silverton, TX
View RecordJoseph Franklin Graham1 Dec 1885 Quitaque, TX
View RecordIra Lewis Graham11 Dec 1893 Quitaque, TX
View RecordBernie Layfaette Gist9 Sep 1885 Quitaque, TX
View RecordHenry George Gardiner9 Feb 1892 Quitaque, TX
View RecordSylvester V George12 Mar 1881 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Dee Garvin7 Sep 1889 Silverton, TX
View RecordElmer Lawson Gardner5 Aug 1889 Silverton, TX
View RecordFornie Cornelius Gatewood21 Apr 1892 Silverton, TX
View RecordGabe Garrison2 Nov 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordCharles Clayborn Garrison8 May 1883 Silverton, TX
View RecordWalter Clifford George14 Dec 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordFrank August Fisch8 Jun 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohn Fore3 Oct 1879 Silverton, TX
View RecordHarvey Scott Foster8 Mar 1886 Quitaque, TX
View RecordJohn Stuart Fisher5 May 1877 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohn Richard Foust15 Dec 1880 Silverton, TX
View RecordJohn Henry Fletcher3 Jul 1895 Silverton, TX
View RecordEthridge Clay Fowler5 Sep 1890 Silverton, TX
View RecordLouis Williams Francis7 Jan 1891 Silverton, TX
View RecordFred Elliston6 Apr 1895 Silverton, TX
View RecordBartley David Fanning20 Jul 1886 Silverton, TX
View RecordRobert Emmett Douglas24 Jun 1885 Silverton, TX
View RecordAubry Lee Durham2 Feb 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordLamb Dowd4 Oct 1894 Quitaque, TX
View RecordHardy Austin Dudley5 Jul 1887 Quitaque, TX
View RecordAbner Alexander Dunagan31 Jan 1880 Silverton, TX
View RecordWilliam Charlie Eddleman19 Oct 1884 Quitaque, TX
View RecordHenry Bell Edens28 May 1879 Silverton, TX
View RecordJames Lewis Edwards17 Jul 1879 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWilliam Marion Draper26 Oct 1888 Quitaque, TX
View RecordWatson W Douglas25 Nov 1891 Silverton, TX
View RecordWillie Theo Driskill7 Aug 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordWilliam Newton Dunn7 Jul 1886 Silverton, TX
View RecordElias Jesse Duncan30 Aug 1891 Silverton, TX
View RecordEdd Kirkland Dunavant22 Jun 1888 Quitaque, TX
View RecordHubert Otis Dyer9 Mar 1884 Quitaque, TX
View RecordAndrew Lee Deavenport5 Dec 1890 Silverton, TX
View RecordOscar Berezl Deaton5 Oct 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordSidney Dave Demings24 Aug 1881 Quitaque, TX
View RecordElvin Cleaveland Dickerson4 Dec 1884 Silverton, TX
View RecordAlbert Pierce Dickenson30 Nov 1878 Silverton, TX
View RecordHerman Stanton Crow9 Sep 1888 Silverton, TX
View RecordCarl Sanders Crow28 Jul 1896 Silverton, TX
View RecordRobert Ellis Currie12 Aug 1895 Quitaque, TX
View RecordDurward Hulin Davis27 Nov 1890 Silverton, TX
View RecordJoseph Edgar Cupell27 Jul 1895 Silverton, TX
View RecordJeff Frank Davis1 Apr 1891 Silverton, TX
View RecordWilliam Clarence Crowe10 Sep 1895 Silverton, TX
View RecordClifford Omra Allard25 Aug 1895 Silverton, TX
View RecordBenjamin Franklin Anderson6 Feb 1897 Silverton, TX
View RecordAndrew Noah Amason14 Dec 1892 Silverton, TX
View RecordRoy Clarence Allard20 Mar 1894 Silverton, TX
View RecordAlson M Allred11 Nov 1887 Silverton, TX
View RecordC Esco Anderson28 Feb 1878 Quitaque, TX
View RecordRobert Gordon Alexander27 Apr 1886 Silverton, TX
View RecordDennis Dean Bryant12 Jan 1892Silverton, TXWeston, CO
View RecordCarrel Byron Witherspoon2 Jul 1892Silverton, TXIdaho Springs, CO
View RecordCharles E Michael25 Sep 1893Silverton, TXStanislaus, CA
View RecordJoseph Clyde Hopson16 Sep 1894Silverton, TXWinslow, AZ
View RecordFinis Luther Howard11 Jan 1897Silverton, TXCanon City, CO
View RecordWillis Ayres21 Mar 1893Silverton, TXBell Fouche, SD
View RecordWilliam Kenneth Guyer14 Sep 1896Silverton, TXOmaha, NE
View RecordRoy Carl Gordon13 Mar 1894Silverton, TXRoy, MT
View RecordWilliam Peter Fogerson11 Sep 1892Silverton, TXEl Dorado, CA
View RecordJohn Reuben Fogersom7 Jul 1896Silverton, TXColorado
View RecordDr Roy F Feemster5 Jul 1894Silverton, TXNor, MA
View RecordPaul Bourland Crum23 Feb 1894Silverton, TXChicago, IL